Re-Engagement & Retention

Internal sales need a boost? Give them better products with greater ability to sell even more!

Carney Direct’s internal data processing team can organize and offer deep insight into historical data. This intelligence allows the marketing to develop and implement re-engagement plans.

Our sales professionals are experienced in uncovering and maximizing every opportunity to help you improve your retention and keep consumers coming back.

Benefits of Re-Engagement & Retention

Re-Engagement Marketing Opportunities include:

  • Email Deployment
  • Data Onboarding
  • Display Retargeting
  • Email Retargeting
  • Cross-Device Digital Display
  • Social Media Advertising
  • HTML Coding
  • Email/Banner Building
  • Match & Deploy
  • Performance Attribution & Match back
  • Pixel Engagement Tracking
  • Offline & Alternative

Retention Analysis & Action:

  • Historical evaluation
  • Competitive evaluation
  • Macro and Micro insights to formulate a plan
  • Calculated testing, review and action

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