Enrichment & Enhancement

Internal sales need a boost? Give them better products with greater ability to sell even more!

Selling internally? Missing critical information that would allow your sales team to sell with more efficiency or sell more?

Reaching the right customer in the right household or business is paramount to a successful advertisement.

Benefits of Enrichment & Enhancement

Allow Carney Direct to enhance your existing data and create more value!

Our enhancement team offers you expertise in evaluating your data, identifying opportunities and creating customized solutions optimizing your data’s performance & create more worth.

Schedule appends of missing fields:

  • Improved overall results
  • Faster implementation of refined selection strategies
  • Marginal sources become top performers
  • Non-performers dropped in a timely fashion
  • Improved ROI by channel

Schedule appends of Demographic, Lifestyle and Buyer Behavior:

  • Age, Income, Education
  • Modeled Credit Scores
  • Mortgage or Home Detail
  • Buying and Investing Interests
  • Business appends

Years of Business

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