Database Management

From database construction, to standardization to enrichment, get the most out of your data.

Databases need to be organized so they can be utilized effectively and/or provide information on demand. Carney Direct has helped many of our partners clean and standardize their data for ease of use.

Custom reports can be built to satisfy regular requests and ad hoc report requests are something we fill every day.

Carney offers a scalable, consultative approach that includes Database Design & Management, Data Sourcing, and Analytics to guide you from start to finish.

Benefits of Managing Your Database

A scalable & consultative approach…

Carney Direct Marketing has flexible systems that allow for custom reporting that our existing partners have used to integrate with their current CRM platforms.

Your existing resources, goals, and needs all go into our planning and work. We create solutions.

  • Transfer data in real time by API or batched to FTP sites
  • Run Scheduled Critical Hygiene Processes and Enhancements or Appends
  • Merge/Purge & Dedupe Processes
  • Matchback Services and Custom Reporting
  • Profile and Model
  • Matchkey Development
  • RFM Designation
  • KPI Financial Measurement

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