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Carney Direct has the fastest to market New Mover data in the marketplace. When doing a week-to-week comparison, Carney’s new movers will show up in week 1 compared to other providers not showing up until the following week, 3 weeks, 4 weeks, or even months later.

Our New Mover data is sourced weekly through compiled lists, magazine & online subscriber, and membership processing center data. 100% previous address on all records. This allows us to determine distance of move in miles, or if a mover is new to the zip, county, or state.

With 410,000 weekly new movers added to the freshest database in town, Carney Direct offers access to the hottest consumer data on the market. New movers spend an average of $11,000 during the first year in their new home. They are in need of everything from furniture, gardening, daycare, home goods, interior design, plumbing, electricians, landscapers, pool service, solar, and more. They also need to know what schools, doctors, restaurants, food stores, apparel shops, home stores, boutiques, and other retail stores are nearby.

New Mover Postcard Package

Carney Direct in partnership with its printer of choice, has put together a unique opportunity to choreograph data, printing, and mailing all in one place. Carney Direct will lead you from start to finish to implement a successful postcard campaign directed towards new movers.

As your marketing partner, Carney Direct Marketing provides personalized customer service and innovative, full service solutions to drive results in your marketing campaign.


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