Analytics, Intelligence Gathering & Modeling

Profile, analyze, model and increase your ROI. Learn more and act accordingly with our Risk Assessment Reviews.

Modern marketing channels include everything from social media and email to retail, telemarketing, catalogs and more. Understanding consumer data and analytics is vital to measuring your marketing campaigns accurately and determining future strategies.

Carney Direct offers many services that uncover intelligence so actions can be put into place. Eliminate the guesswork, continuously learn and improve!

Benefits of Enrichment & Enhancement

Understand Your Competitor's Customers

CDM will provide true response rates…

CDM will provide true response rates of your campaigns, who responded to your offer, and which channel their response came from. We also recommend adjustments to your campaigns to improve future results.

Clients also use Carney Direct’s Multi-Channel Matchback Services and Multi-Channel Response Analysis to track the effectiveness of marketing efforts, from one-off pieces to entire campaigns.

This can determine the value of your target markets, website, and donor retention as well as the Lifetime Value (LTV) of your customers.

Benefits of Carney Direct Marketing Analytics, Intelligence Gathering & Modeling:

  • Improved overall results
  • Faster implementation of refined selection strategies
  • Marginal sources become top performers
  • Non-performers dropped in a timely fashion
  • Improved ROI by channel

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