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Modeling is a technique aimed at optimizing the data characteristics of your stronger customers and using that information to identify similar prospects for future mailings. Carney Directís in-house modeler is able to build one of the following models based on your needs:

  1. Response Models ?by using your response file from a prior mail campaign we will determine the response attributes that are exclusive to your business and use those factors to predict future responders allowing you to gain more customers and save money not marketing to low potential customers.

  2. Regression Models - a statistical technique used to find relationships between variables for the purpose of predicting future values for upcoming campaigns.

  3. Customer Base Models - current customers are scored on their transactional activity. The scores represent the likelihood of each customer to respond to your marketing offers and remain a customer, allowing you to rank your customers by their potential value. Knowing your potential value allows you to gain more customers like your top responders.

  4. Inquiry Models - creation of an inquiry model can be used to reduce the risk of mailing to low potential customers while still being able to create a strategy to turn an inquiry into a customer. There is a tremendous amount of fundamental information an inquiry model can provide like how to profit from middle potential customers

  5. Look-a-like or Mirror Models - these models are created to give a mailer a basic understanding of what the profile or makeup of their customer looks like. Itís an inexpensive way to a have an understanding of where your marketing efforts should be focused towards.

For more info on our Modeling Services, email Pete Carney at: pete@carneydirect.com
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