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Unleash the Power of Your Customers
Successful marketers understand the value of database marketing. Our services give you a comprehensive understanding of your customerís buying behavior. This invaluable information is crucial to effective marketing strategies. Carney Direct Marketing has the experience to create new opportunities ?bringing bigger dividends to your bottom-line. Turn your data into marketing insight that is that delivers results. We provide you with a custom turnkey solution designed to fit your specific objectives.

Not Just for Fortune 500 Clients
Fortune 500 companies recognize how important database marketing is to any marketing strategy. Carney offers a scalable consultative approach including Database Design & Management, Data Sourcing and Analytics guiding you from start to finish. We deliver the highest level of business intelligence unleashing the vast potential of your customer data ensuring you outperform your competitors!

Case Studies:
1) Increase Lifetime Value
A large B2B manufacturer wanted to increase the value of its customers. We employed a matchback process that brought together contact data and purchase data. By adding these data attributes to the customer record, our database marketing team identified the optimal timing to hit the customer with cross-sell and up-sell promotions. The result was increased response, reduced attrition and a dramatic increase in lifetime value!

2) Better Prospecting to Increase Revenue
A relatively new online company had a large quantity of visitor registrations on its site, but knew very little about those individuals. Their objective was to increase ad revenue. Our database marketing professionals married data from several different sources, including our National Consumer Database?file, creating a clear visitor profile. Armed with a well-defined audience, the clientís sales team targeted advertisers whose buyers closely matched their new profile. When the ad placement sales more than doubled, the sales team knew they reached the right market.

3) Drive Up Donations
A medium-sized nonprofit company wanted to find ways to increase per person donation level. They were running numerous multichannel campaigns including email, direct mail, TV and telemarketing. Our experts designed a database that brought together many sources of donor data, such as donation amount, advertising media and geography. By analyzing the data, Carney identified the most successful sales channel and donation level by geographic region. Given the new findings, the client retooled its promotional content and strategies achieving a substantial increase in donation levels!

4) Cut Acquisition Costs with Prospect Databases
By building a prospect database for a large B2C client, our direct marketing team drove down list acquisition costs. Utilizing the new prospect database, the client reaped huge benefits and saved thousands annually!

Private Databases
At Carney Direct Marketing our Executive Team has over 20 individual years experience in building, maintaining and administering private databases. Our knowledge is vast on the ďbest practices? used in creation and our logic is thoughtful and more importantly demands response from your prospects. We implore many valuable techniques and our team can help determine if a private base is the suitable environment for your mailing conditions. Here is an example of just a few of the rewards a Private Base offers:

1. Net / Net mailing environment with no select charges
2. Replaces the need for a merge purge - eliminating cost and providing a quicker time table giving you more time to read response
3. Allows for improved targeting on both prospect mailings and customer retention mailings by the use of models and enancements
4. Allows for easier matchback services to be rendered
5. Advanced CRM tools to be used within a database environment

For more info on our Database Services, email Pete Carney at: pete@carneydirect.com
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