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Make your data work harder for you!
Carney Direct Marketing’s data processing services secures new opportunities with better targeting. Reaching the right customer at the right household is paramount to a successful direct marketing campaign. Our data processing team offers you expertise in evaluating your data, identifying opportunities and creating customized solutions optimizing your data’s performance.

Improve Data Quality to Increase your Bottom Line
Carney Direct Marketing understands the marketing challenges you face. We are committed to providing you with the most current, accurate and clean data available. By improving deliverability and reducing your costs, we give you that competitive edge

Data Enhancements / Overlays
Data Enhancements and Overlays are one of the best investments you can make on your customer and prospect files. The knowledge and insight you gain will be truly invaluable whether at a consumer or business level. An example of a few of Carney’s capabilities are as follows:

  1. Enhance your file(s)with firmographic and / or consumer data points
  2. Create new targeted market segments
  3. Reactivation of a customer at a site level
  4. Identify new prospect customers
  5. Determine a consumers key demographic responders
  6. Increased response rates

For more info on our Enhancement & Overlay services, email Pete Carney at: pete@carneydirect.com

NCOA (National Change of Address)
Carney Direct Marketing now offers NCOA processing for the business and consumer markets. Our NCOA product is a cost effective solution that allows you to cleanse both your own internal database as well as rented and purchased databases before any mail piece hits the mail. As a courtesy to all of our NCOA customers, we also run our address standardization software free of charge, before the NCOA is run, to ensure that we match and update the most addresses we can! Some of the benefits of using Carney Direct’s NCOA service include:

  1. Cuts postage costs by reducing the number of undeliverable mail pieces
  2. Reduces the number of re-mailings due to less returned mail pieces
  3. Ensures the fastest delivery to your recipients because of the more accurate addresses
  4. As an added value, we also have the ability to scrub deceased records, prisoner addresses, and DMA panders
  5. Same Day Turnaround - Just upload the file to our FTP site and we will return the data that same day on any order before 2 pm pst
  6. Flexibility - we can work with any type of file format you send and return the data back to you in any preferred format
  7. We offer the lowest price within the industry

For more info on our NCOA services, email Pete Carney at: pete@carneydirect.com
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