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Matchback Analysis
In today's marketplace, responses come from many channels including catalog, telemarketing, retail, email, Internet and others. The combination of databases and the understanding of where a new customer is coming from are vital to having accurate breakdown of a current campaign and determines and holds the data elements for future campaigns.

Carney Directís Multi-channel Matchback Services eliminate the guesswork and in turn help to define the true customer who is responding to your offer. Response analysis reports are generated and delivered automatically; helping to minimize the time it takes to analyze the success of a mailing and affording you quicker answers to your marketing questions. We will be able to provide a true response rate of a given campaign and will be able to tell you who responded to your offer and through which channel they responded. We will be able to provide answers as to where you need to make adjustments in your campaigns to expand future results.

Clients utilize Carney Directís Multi-channel Matchback Services to analyze and measure the effectiveness of a single marketing piece or an entire campaign. This can determine the value of their website, Life Time Value (LTV) of customers, target markets and to accurately track customer or donor retention.

Carney Direct employs our own in house statistician who will develop your customized Multi-channel Matchback Service. We will work together to verify and increase your ROI.

Competitive Analysis
One of the single biggest elements to obtaining new customers and grabbing a larger share of your respective marketplace is to understand your competitorís customers and how they attracted them. At Carney Direct Marketing we thrive on capturing this knowledge for our clients and implore valuable tools to obtain this information. These tools are as follows:

  1. Catalog Analysis ?We stack your catalog up against your competitors and tell you the breakdown of their price points, pages and product lines as opposed to yours.
  2. Mail Chaser - We track your competitorís direct mail activity in order to understand their mail schedule and the seasonality trends of their campaigns.
  3. Email Chaser - We track your competitorĎs email efforts and work with an outside company to establish and maintain a comprehensive database for our Ecommerce clients
  4. Usage Interpreter - We maintain and update quarterly your competitorís list activity. We consistently match it against our own campaigns and look for new opportunities.
  5. Competitor Universe Size - Our DM specialists will monitor the universe file size of your competitors. This information is valuable for pricing initiatives and in understanding whether your competitors have increased or decreased mailing activity.

Multi-Channel Response Analysis
Marketing channels have damatically changed through the years and how we read and analyze responses has changed as well. Changing with the times and foreseeing the future is Carney Direct Marketing. We have created matching systems which allow our clients to correctly measure their ROI by different variables and mediums by matching your responses to past mail files. Results are then analyzed and reviewed by our in-house statistician and passed onto our clients. The benefits include:

  1. Improved overall results
  2. Refined selection strategies placed into effect quicker
  3. Marginal files turned to top performers
  4. Non performers dropped in a timely fashion
  5. Improved ROI by channel

For more info on our Analytics, email Pete Carney at: pete@carneydirect.com
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